Welcome to VISION Swansea Bay.  With the release of a new vision for Swansea City Centre, and the announcement of the City Deal, it’s an exciting time to be in Swansea.  This independent magazine goes behind the headlines to reveal what the plans actually mean for the people who live here, why you should support them, and what you can do to help make sure they happen.



Click here to read Issue 1 of VISION.  In the run up to local and national elections, this issue looks at the council’s vision for Swansea City Centre, and the City Deal vision for the regional economy.



VISION is independently funded and published by an association of local residents and business owners. Editor Dawn Lyle is a passionate advocate for Swansea.  She is a mum of three and lives in the Uplands. Dawn sits on the board of a number of local organisations and runs a computer graphics company based in Swansea.

If you’d like to know more, or want to get involved, suggest a story or contribute to the magazine, please email feedback@visionswanseabay.org

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